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Hypnotherapy for Adults & Children

So many people battle everyday trying to live with crippling anxiety and depression. What would it be like to finally be totally free of these mental chains holding you back and keeping you from living life to its fullest? It’s time for you to explore the most powerful and effective solution to your problems. Effective because the results can be felt immediately after your very first session. It’s totally safe and you are in the hands of a true caring professional. 

Rev. Dr. Paul Nott (C.Ht. EPP Msc.D. BPsych)

IHCLA Holistic Life Coach, Traditional Health Practitioner, IMDHA Certified Hypnotherapist – USA, Member Of The Western Cape Traditional Health Practitioners Council, Member Of The International Holistic Life Coaching Association, Ethno Health Practitioner: Sanhpb / Epasa,  Ethnopsychology Practitioner, Minister Of Metaphysics University Of Sedona – USA, Master Of Metaphysical Science – USA, Bachelor Degree Health Science And Social Services – Psychological Counselling (UNISA), Doctorate Of Metaphysical Science (Sedona), Post-Graduate Certificate in Education (UNISA)

“Simplicity is Freedom”

Rev. Dr. Paul Nott

Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness

These two approaches allow powerful and effective change in your mental and emotional state. By examining, re-framing and integrating old negative thought patterns and behaviours into positive and uplifting ones, we can realize our potential.

I’d Love to Help

I Have Experience With…

Hypnotherapy and Counselling

16 years of experience assisting many different challenges.

Relationship Therapy

Relationships can be challenging, and often couples need assistance to aid communication, understanding and resolution.

Family Therapy

Families may need help to deal with problems and foster a healthy environment for communication and growth.

Child Therapy

Children often need assisstance to deal with challenges and have a brighter future  

Anxiety, Stress, and Depression

Anxiety, stress and depression are becoming increasingly common and have a variety of negative effects. 

My Approach & Philosophy

Health and a playful approach to life are our natural states. Modern life often leads to fear, stress and insecurity which has many negative effects on emotional, physical and mental well-being of an individual. 

My intent is always to facilitate a return to the natural balance. Developing resilience, self-awareness, compassion for ourselves and others.

 Some Testimonials

Dawn Thora

Just in case you didn’t know, Paul Nott is an amazing human being and an equally amazing healer. Thank you. I’ll keep breathing if you keep helping people. I’ll even laugh, help fan that fire.

Sharon Wright

Paul is a dedicated therapist and very good at what he does. Focus is a strong point and always sees to the clients needs as best he can. 

C. Coetzee

Paul is very knowledgeable and passionate about what he does. His high level of integrity combined with a gentle manner and deep compassion makes him an excellent therapist

Medusa Medina

Thank you for helping me to realize that I am not my past. You have helped a great deal, untangling me from the thorns of anger, fear and pain. You encouraged me to breathe, and this has made all the difference. I feel free and that my life is full of great possibility.

Because of your guidance and support I can now walk the paths of change, growth, and love. Infinite thanks and respect to you Paul, for all you do.

Amy Duonne

I have worked with Paul several times and have always found him to be extremely professional, insightful and compassionate. I trust him implicitly and would recommend his services to family and friends alike.

Brian Zedney

I have been receiving counseling since I was a small child. Over the years I had been misdiagnosed with everything from ADHD to bi-polar and everything in between. Because I was misdiagnosed, I has been mistreated for the better part of my life. All the unnecessary pills had only exasperated my situation. Since none of the treatments worked I had seen a lot of doctors and specialists before I met Paul. His methods relied much more on introspection. After a few weeks of working with Paul he had me pointed in the right direction. It’s been a year since I have met Paul and I have to admit I managed to take back my life. I have a great support circle, and I am pursuing and reaching the goals I’ve set for myself. Working with Paul has been an awesome experience. I highly suggest him to anyone who is struggling with their self esteem or trust issues, especially children. He is great with kids!

Benjamin Beardsley

I’d like to share my experience of the very great service Paul Nott did for me. I had struggled with pretty serious depression, feeling of incompetence and being unworthy of living for years. When I reached out to Paul it was crippling. I have had a lot of experience with therapists of various levels of experience and expertise, and I can safely say that Paul is peerless. Within a few weeks he helped me turn many things around, and helped me feel worthy, supported and competent. He reminded me in a profound way that we are all learning, and capable of becoming better. His generosity of spirit and genuine niceness are truly a gift.

Brian Grimes

I cannot recommend Paul highly enough! I have a long history of depression, anxiety, and a poor sense of self worth, along with a general mistrust of those within the fields of psychology and therapy. I was recommended to Paul through a friend, and Paul is possibly the most comforting, supportive, and easy going person I have ever known. I was immediately comfortable with him, and he listens with the care and attention that every parent needs to cultivate. Never once did he make me feel uncomfortable, even sharing deeply intimate and difficult things, and always guided me gently towards a better outlook and perspective. My whole sense of being has been and still is being transformed through Paul’s encouragement, suggestions, observations, and positivity. Thank you Paul, for all you have done, and continue to do for myself, and so many others.

M Singh

“Hi Paul ,thank you for your help this far. You are remarkable in what you do. You are the most sincere person I have met in all of my 18 years of therapy. You have helped me make my life better, I wish I had met you sooner”

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